Marinela Banciu a young age of 27 years, professor of religion, which after a childhood accident has left with deformed nose.
At the age of 12 was hit by her cousin handed in a truck and was then deformed nose.
Because of the accident she became very coplexed, and often she was wrong to be offended on the street or at school.
She cried, suffered, was closed a lot in herself and avoid discussions with other colleagues, especially with boys.
Marinela suffer when everyone sees that young people have serious relationships or married, but nobody wants her and she feels alone.
Marinela saw the dream fulfilled at "Beauty on the edge of the knife" and she also has confidence in her own recovered strength.

It is a mother of 28 years, married, having a little girl of 9 years. Since childhood wore glasses and had their ears away from cap.La "Beauty on the edge of the knife" Carmen Scarlat escaped the danger of being blind spot , and she regained sight.
Because breast small relationship with her husband was cold, and sometimes was offended.
With the operation of the breasts enlarge Carmen feels feminine and attractive.
After several weeks in which the family away, she reviews their daughter who is proud of her mother.

Mihaela Parvu working as design engineer, her whole life was dedicated her career and family, and she didn`t grant importance on physical appearance.
Since adolescence is unhappy with her nose and ears, and under the chin scar evidence of wounds from childhood, which he tried to hide forever.
Hard work and fatigue for years and have made deep imprint on her appearance.
Because physicians surgeons woman escaped defects, being unrecognized.
The woman is proud of her new look and is considered a beautiful woman.

Is a woman who has 41 years old and two children: a girl of 5 years and a boy of 3 years.
Difference of age between her and her children is the greatest torment of his life.
Hard work, fatigue, and the passing of the years have put a lot on physical footprint and they look 10 years older.
It went through two operations and the Caesarean birth when the abdomen or left foaret much.
Tasks that he had been left on and print its teeth
A sustained operations: abdominoplasie, blefaroplastie, lifting, correction of the teeth.
He received help and style and a make-up artists.
The woman made this change because it did not want to be considered the grndmother of her own children.

It is a young age of 32 years married and mother of a boy of 5 years.
The big problem was that she always considered the nose high and sharp and because of which was always put in embarrassing situations.
found hope and has regained confidence in herself.
It went through several surgical interventions: rinoplasty, Carving oval face and a beard and breasts implant for interventions in the area and wrinkles on the forehead.
After the transformations made, Mihaela is quite another woman, full of life, happy that he escaped from unwanted complexes.

Is a woman who had always failures in life on the appearance and especially that for years people have tried it after the way she looks.
The woman has 43 years old and measures 1.43 m ad she is very complexed.
At its height, has a pretty large, the bottom is too big compared to the top.The change occurred after the birth of her daughter.
The woman and would like to get rid of excess pounds abdomen area and the scar resulting from Caesarean operation.
The woman wanted to get rid of elephant ears and gizzard with lipoabsorption.
Iuliana feels very complex and ae not trust her and learned from this experience that any life worth living.
Beauty is not pass, but received other forms, in different stages of life.

Bizadea Camelia is a woman of 39 years which show "Beauty on the edge of the knife" meant a new chance.
After two years when the woman was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a breast masectomy the law, which then was replaced by dentures.
Following breast reconstruction as a woman and feminitatea regained confidence in herself and the beauty.
She received the help of the stylists, makeup, hair and clothes and the results were amazing.

Marchidan Elena, mother of six children aged 40 years, requested the help of "Beauty on the edge of the knife" to get rid of the complex,where everything was done with the help of the stylists and surgeons.
The biggest flaw of her were the
teeth , the woman hed no longer a healthy tooth.
Elena was unhappy with her
nose, or the excess pounds and left breasts,these complex which have disappeared with rhinoplasty, liposuction and breast lifting.
After recovery the stylists show they have made a professional make up, a haircut modern things have changed a radical, and succeeding to surprise those who came to see her after the changes.
This issue gave the
woman a chance to get rid of unwanted complexes and start a new life, and have back confidence in their forces, and especially beauty.